The Mentalist – TV Series Review


The Mentalist is a 6 Season on-going TV crime drama that debuted in 2008, and follows protagonist Patrick Jane as he works with CBI and later FBI in solving various crimes through the use of his cold-reading, deduction, manipulation skills together with his planned schemes that often don’t adhere to the confines of what law enforcement can engage in, to apprehend the criminals responsible.

Whilst some of the series is mainly episodic in nature and each episode tends to deal with a separate crime and story each time, there is an overriding story that develops through some episodes in regards to the primary criminal antagonist of the series, Red John. Also as the series progresses, there is more character progression and development than many other episodic series undergo, with most only dealing with the episode at hand and never developing the characters themselves much.

I believe this is one of the strengths of the Mentalist, that it is able to weave in between a drama with a story, and a ensemble cast that participates in separate episodic scenarios, which tend to keep the series both fresh and also developing. Often however this balance is lost when the series goes through a long set of episodes without any main plot development.

Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker, undoubtedly carries the series, with his charismatic acting, he plays the role perfectly, and you can’t help but think the character is completely real. The rest of the cast tend to fit into stereotypes, but are nevertheless decent actors that have helped the series gain popularity.

The Mentalist is one of my favorite series currently, and it’s a sort of modern Sherlock Holmes, which it’s own spin, which the actual modern day Sherlock Holmes series miss out on.

Overall I’d recommend everyone to watch the Mentalist, as it’s one of the best crime dramas on TV right now, Season 7 has been picked up, but is shorter in episodes. It is supposedly going to be the final season of the series. So catch up whilst you can and enjoy the 7th season in 2015.


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