Sennheiser PC 330 Headset – Product Review
Review of: PC 330
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$90 or £54.99

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On April 12, 2014
Last modified:April 12, 2014


Terrible comfort, but good quality sound and microphone.


Sennheiser is a respectable and big name in the headphones business. They don’t make many affordable headsets, they usually deal with mainly high-end headphones for high quality sound.

Whilst the sound on the Sennheiser PC330 is extremely good for the price and it has a decent functioning microphone, the massive downside of this headset is the comfort, these are probably the most uncomfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. There simply isn’t enough give with the plastic headband, and so they clamp on your head and make you uncomfortable.

They were so bad for me, that at more than an hour of use, the skin on my ears started to split and become very painful.

I really wish these headphones were comfortable, they’d literally be the best on the market by far, and for the price, Sennheiser would make a lot of money. But I can’t recommend them at all with the comfort issue they have. Stay away from these headphones, when a high quality company tries for an affordable product, quality suffers, its obvious, but it shouldn’t suffer this much, that the headset is so painful to wear for more than 30 minutes.

If you have a small head and very flat ears, this headset may be bearable for you. But for the majority of users and many people I’ve had try them on, it’s an uncomfortable experience for long term use.

As much as the sound quality is good, unfortunately I don’t recommend this product at all.


Terrible comfort, but good quality sound and microphone.
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