SanDisk Cruzer Edge Protected USB – Tech Review
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$17.85 or £12.99

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On February 3, 2014
Last modified:February 4, 2014


A compact USB Stick with protection software.

The SanDisk Protected USB is supposed to be a handy USB stick for having your confidential data stored on it. The problem with the stick though, is that it’s software protected using Sandisk Secure Access, and you have to install and use this software to access the USB stick everytime for these confidential files, this isn’t exactly convenient, and the software isn’t particularly well designed, it’s not very intuitive, and essentially what sounds like a good idea, doesn’t work well in practice.

It would be better to just store your files in a password protected zip or rar achive on a normal USB stick, than deal with the Sandisk software.  The actual USB stick is basic in itself, a slide out function for the head, and some basic plastic casing. Like most USB sticks, it comes in different data sizes for different prices, 32GB seems like the most ideal size for price to buy.

Sandisk USB

Sandisk USB closed

A compact USB Stick with protection software.
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