League of Legends – Guide to Season 4 Start

League of Legends Season 4

Season 4 is upon us, and with it League of Legends is changing. You may already been familiar with some of the season 4 pre-season changes, now that Season 4 has officially begun, the changes are still being tweaked.

The current meta is very early game, mainly influenced by the South Korea style of snowballing games early and not relinquishing a lead. This means that the current fotm are mostly strong early game champs that either snowball or provide easy map coverage and pushing power.

With the changes to the jungle and jungle items, junglers are seeing an increase in influence of the game. Strong picks currently are champs like Lee Sin, Vi and Khazix. The other big change is to vision, with trinkets being a free initial item, and wards being limited to 3 placed on the map per player, this means that warding is more of a team effort than simply allocated to the ward mule of a support.

The downside this is now that the support has less influence to place wards, most other players still forget to ward, this means that even though players have much more ward power, there’s actually less vision on the map through mid game most of the time. The other side to this is that now players all have access to a free ward, early jungle ganks are much harder, one strategy to counter this is that people will ward their lane and feel safe, so you can just use an unorthodox ganking route to surprise them.

With the new support items, support players are now much stronger, and strong tanky supports are the current favorites in the meta, this is because their defense scaling works very well with increased gold income, and they bring a lot more presence to team fights because they last longer and can peel for the adc for longer.

In regards champion picks, the meta is definitely tilting towards tanky characters over flimsy burst, top lane has especially seen a revive in tanky champions because of the change to the defensive mastery tree, which has made certain champions like Shyvana and Mundle veritable walls of strength.

With all these changes to the meta, the question is, will Riot maintain the current situation or select the popular picks to be nerfed to the ground eventually leading the way to a complete change in meta. It’s hard to say really, but the focus is very much on the pro-scene and specifically the Korean pros, to see what they decide to be the most efficient in games. Their choices and success basically dictates who will be nerfed and what will happen to the game.

If you want to do well in Season 4, as always you should adhere to the basic rules of doing well in league of legends, that are mentioned over and over again, ward well, keep a cool head, farm farm farm, group at the right times, focus on objectives over kills, don’t overextend and focus your skill on a small champion pool to improve your max skill level rather than being a jack of all trades.


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