Wow – Timeless Isle Guide 5.4

Timeless Isle

The Timeless Isle is a new area released in patch 5.4, hopefully with this guide, you can quickly understand everything the Isle has to offer, as it is quite complicated and full of new content.

There are a few different basic points about the new area.

1.You can obtain 496itemlevel equipment that is Bind on Account, in this respect, you can gear up alts without having to go through the last 2 raid tiers as much.

2. The area introduces a new outdoor raidboss, in the form of a choice between 4 different celestials, when you defeat one, you get locked out of the rest for the week.

3. A new faction is involved, with the Emperor Shaohao, with gear, mount, etc rewards for gaining reputation, which is mainly grinding the taunka mobs.

4. The area acts as a open pvp section, by becoming an emissary of ordos and engaging in PvP, you collect Bloody coins, which can be exchanged for rewards.

5. Collection of Timeless coins, through many different sources, which can be exchanged for rewards.

6. There is another raidboss called Ordos, but you can only fight this boss if you have the legendary cloak from the Wrathion questline, as the area he resides in will knock you out if you haven’t gained it on a character on your account.

Basic Introduction

Chromie Quest

You can get to the island by accepting the quest “A Flash of Bronze”, meeting Chromie and using the item she gives you to teleport there for the first time, or you can just fly over the sea from the Jade Forest and land there. You can’t use a flying mount whilst on the island however.

The island is quite compact, looking at the map, the Horde and Alliance landing points are on the west coast, then there’s the main arena to east of there, which you fight Celestials, pick up most of the quests, exchange timeless coins and can find merchants, an inn etc.

The island is split into two sections really, the ground area, where there are some caves and a few different area types, then the second area, the rising road that eventually leads to the Ordos Sanctuary.

The special part of the whole Timeless Isle is the introduction of Rares, these are enemies that spawn periodically, and everyone can fight and loot from as long as they engaged in combat with it. The rares spawn at specific intervals and places. They always drop a decent amount of timeless coins and a 496itemlevel BoA piece of gear.

Wow rare spawns Timeless Isle

Here is a map showing all the different rare mobs, and their spawn points. The important ones to fight are Evermaw(swims around the island), Vazuvius(summoned via a drop from Evermaw), Cinderfall, and Huolon(drops a nice looking mount). They are higher health rares, that you can easily travel to and fight with all the other players because of their high health. The other rares are lower health and often die quickly, so it’s a matter of being lucky and near them when they spawn.

Another special part of the Timeless Isle are the chests. Now the chests come in different types, you have weekly chests, which just give you timeless coins and a chance at a 496item, and one-time chests which always award you with items.

What to do

Essentially when you arrive at the island, you pickup all the nearby quests, and they introduce you to the area, it’s quite straightforward to complete them all.

To point is to now go around killing rares and mobs for coins and items or grind the taunka mobs for Shaohao reputation.

One of the first things you can do however, is run around and open all the one-time chests for an easy set of items. Here’s a map showing their location.

Timeless Isle Treasure Chests Map

To get to the Ordos Sanctuary without the legendary cloak, you can get across the gap from the bridge a number of ways, either buying a glider from a npc at the celestial court for timeless coins, casting slow fall(or getting someone to cast it on you) and jumping from the bridge ledge with your mount, or using your own engineering glider.


If you want to engage in PVP, you can buy a Censor of Eternal Agony(2500 timeless coins) from Speaker Gulan, who is standing overlooking the east coast of the island. This lets you transform yourself and flag you for being able to attack any faction, and being vunreable to any faction also. Every player you kill, grants you Bloody coins, which can be exchanged for items back at Speaker Gulan.


One of the special items that drops on the Timeless Isle is the Burden of Eternity, this is a rare item, that you can use to upgrade any of the 496 ilvl gear(except the trinket) to 535ilvl gear, however the item then binds to that character, so you have to collect the burdens on the character you want the 535 gear for.

It’s very easy to collect a full set of 496 gear, however there are different armor types, so it generally helps to collect gear from the chests at least as a character with the armor type you want the gear for, as the chests give you gear based on what armor type your character uses. The drops from rares and mobs are completely random.

You can buy gear with timeless coins too(except accessories), however you can’t get the specific piece, just an item that is a possibility for an armor piece of that type.

Other things on offer

There’s even more content on the timeless isle, such as special vanity items, achievements, battle pets, profession related stuff and a few rare events. But hopefully this guide has given you a basic understand of what the Timeless Isle has to offer. If you want to look at the specific items and monsters on the isle, as always it’s best to check them on the massive database of .

Thanks for reading, and best of luck on the Timeless Isle.


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