Terraria – Beginner’s Guide

Terraria Intro

Terraria is a 2D sandbox RPG where you can mine out the land and build structures and items using the materials you gather. In theory, a part of genre of building games, made popular by the game Minecraft. In a nutshell, Terraria is a 2D version of Minecraft with some extra rpg elements which you’d only find in mods for other building games.

Starting out

You can play Terraia single or multiplayer and switch whenever you want to. You create a character and a world. Your character can be used to visit any Terraria worlds created by other players, and your world is saved locally on your computer, a randomly generated world that you can choose as small, medium or large.

Starting Terraria

When you first create a character and world, you’ll be dropped into what is known as the spawn. This is an area at the center of the surface world. The Terraria world is basically split into sky, surface, underground and hell, but each area of the map has its own specific zone or biome as it’s known. Each world that is made, is randomized and unique, and since the recent patch, has a chance at spawning different special biomes to make it even more unique.

This guide hopes to give you a brief overview of the game, so that you can understand the depth of this game, and not dismiss it from what seems like a very limited game at the start. I wouldn’t recommend using the online info websites for the game early on, as they spoil a lot of the fun in exploring and finding out what the game offers. But if you want specific information, look to using http://terraria.gamepedia.com , which is the best Terraria info site in my opinion.

Playing Terraria

You start in the Forest biome, which is a fairly safe area. Terraria doesn’t give the player any real direction, instead you start off with an NPC(one of many that will join you if you build rooms for them), called the guide. You can talk to the guide and learn some of the basic points about the game.

The game is very open to letting the player decide what to do and how to progress. The basic progress is essentially dependent on your pickaxe, armor and weapon. The better quality pickaxe you have, the better quality materials you can mine. The better your armor and weapons, the better monsters you can defeat.

The core gameplay around Terraria is creating your own structures and building everything for them; Walls, floor, roof and decoration. To gather the materials you need, you have to mine, them, which requires selecting your pickaxe and clicking blocks until they break, which is when you can gather the material into your inventory.

Pressing ESC brings up your inventory and the other game options on the right, which are equipment, crafting, housing for npcs, and coloured teams to join for multiplayer aspects.

Crafting in Terraria

The other important part of Terraria is the day/night cycle and how this changes things. In night and far underground you won’t have the sun’s light and therefore need to create a light source to see what’s going on. Also during night, the monsters in the game change and are more dangerous and numerous.

Terraria Guide First House

If you talk to the NPC, one of the first things he’ll advise is to gather materials for building your first shelter. The shelter in this aspect is for a safe place to stay whilst night goes on, and a place you can use as your base of operations to bring back items and craft new items.

After mining some materials, which at the start is mainly dirt and stone using the pickaxe and wood using the axe on the trees. You should be able to place blocks you collect, to form a house.

Crafting new items out of the materials you collect is done in the inventory screen, you should see a list of the items you can make at the bottom left after pressing ESC. When you select an item, to the right of it, will tell you what materials make that item, and another icon to give you a better view of all the items you can create.

At first you need to create a workbench, and place it in your house. The workbench is a type of item which modifies what you can craft whilst you are near it, there a lot of different crafting items which allow you to craft newer and better items. After creating a workbench, you need to create the furnace, and place that in your home too, with these two crafting stations you can craft the next improvements you’ll need for your equipment and housing.


So continuing on from your first shelter and night, you’ll want to start exploring. Like I mentioned at the start, the spawn is at the center of the map, and it takes about 20mins to run either direction to the edge of a large map as a new character.

The best place to immediately progress is choose a place to dig down into the ground, make sure you have some torches crafted and dig around collecting stone and any ore you find. The first ore you will come across is copper ore, and can be used to create copper bars, which in turn, can be used to craft copper armor and new weapons and tools. This is the basic progression of gear in Terraria, you find new ore, mine it, upgrade your gear, then with your upgraded pickaxe, you can mine better ore that you find and continue on in this respect.

Mining Terraria

One other aspect of the game are NPCs. NPCs will join your world when certain requirements have been met, specifically they’ll need you to build a room for them to move into for them to arrive.

NPC rooms have specific guidelines that must be met ; 6×10 room including the walls, floor and ceiling. The room must be enclosed but with a door for any access points. There must be walls in the background so that no sunlight seeps in, and then you must place a light source, table structure and chair structure in the room for them. To see whether a room is NPC worthy, you can press ESC, then the home icon on the right, and then the question mark icon and click the room, it will tell you whether the room is suitable or not. If it says not suitable, then there is something wrong with the construction, otherwise it will tell you specifically what is missing.

Valid House

I don’t want to go into an exact progression guide, because I feel that exploring the game yourself is where Terraria is the most enjoyable, if you just follow a guide and go from biome to biome, it’ll cheapen the experience, but it depends what kind of player you are, and so if you really need a progression guide, check out some of the guides on http://terraria.gamepedia.com . Which are very in-depth.


Terraria is a very fun game if you give it a chance. When I first tried it, I dismissed it as a cheap game with no substance, as there is very little explanation at the start of the game. It was only later after some perseverance that I found out how enjoyable the game is; exploring and crafting your own castle, improving your gear and fighting some of the challenging bosses in the game. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the game as much as I have, and this guide will give you a little help in understanding the game if you are new. Thanks for reading.





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