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Battlefield 4 is the new FPS game from Dice and EA, released this November, from the acclaimed Battlefield series. This guide is for those players new to battlefield games but can be read by players returning from BF3 to learn some of the new changes to the game.

One problem to note is that the game has suffered a lot of launch problems, because of the push by upper management to release the game before CoD Ghosts and the PS4/Xbone release. In this respect the game has unplayable due to bugs and crashes for a large majority of people. Only recently after a month of the games release have I personally been able to play the game.

Game Overview

Battlefield 4 seems very similar to Battlefield 3 but with just new maps. However the game has undergone a lot of major rework on the battlelog system, graphics and physics. The new battlelog is quite a complex system now, whether that is good or bad is probably personal preference. It does seem rather cluttered with so many different things, stats and unlocks. One problem is that the game requires too much to unlock everything in it, you have to play hundreds of hours to unlock everything. The problem before was that all the best guns were unlocked at the end and the starting guns were pretty bad, in Battlefield 4, I feel like this is a little less true and works better, however there are still far too many things to unlock and I feel this is because of the whole idea the gamers like to unlock things, so lets just flood the game with unlockables.

Playing the Game

Bf4 campaign

Because there is so much to unlock, the best way to play the game I feel is to focus on certain things. Focus on one class to unlock everything for first, and one vehicle at a time. You have 4 classes to choose from, Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. Personally I think the best classes for new players are Assault and Engineer. Play Assault if you are a more personnel combat oriented player, a engineer if you prefer combat with vehicles.

Another good idea for starting the game, is to start with a load of Deathmatch games, this gets you kills and weapon unlocks, you want to unlock at least a few of the better attachments for your first weapon before really delving into the main game mode of Conquest and the larger maps. Deathmatch gives a you a quick opportunity at a fast game mode where its easy to accrue kills because of the nature of the random deployment and close quarters nature of the small maps.

Once you have your main weapon with some of the nicer attachments, it’s best to level up your player with Conquest, accruing massive bonsues for playing the game properly, which is playing the objectives.

Playing Objectives

Bf4 map

This means you aren’t going for kills primarily, you are going for the capture points, and your aim is supporting your team with your kit. If you are Assault this mean healing/reviving team members, if you are engineer, it means taking out that plane which is 50 /0 kd with your lock on missile that no one else is trying to deal with, and placing mines on the road to your position.  If you are Support, it means giving ammo boxes to players out of ammo, and for Recon, well it means not sitting at the back of the map sniping people or flying a helicopter solo onto a rooftop and camping there all game.

Spotting, just like in BF3 is incredibly important in the game, it’s disabled in hardcore in terms of showing up enemies on the map as a red arrow, but its still important because you it gives a verbal warning to team mates and you can use it to distinguish from allies and to give you info on what class you just spotted. Spotting is a bit different to BF3 in that you can’t spam spot anymore, the button has a cooldown and will beep if you spam it. This is a great change in my opinion as it was quite lame to just randomly aim your mouse around the landscape and spot people you didn’t actually spot yourself.

Try to always be on the move to where you are needed, this means you shouldn’t camp in one spot, you can defend spots, but don’t camp them. You want to carefully make advancements on objectives you need to take. Don’t just bail into the enemy controlled point and expect to 360 no-scope the whole enemy team.

Pay attention to your surroundings and learn the new maps. You should be playing as many new maps at the start as possible so you can quickly understand the layouts and the common enemy positions and attack paths that they use. When you learn this you will improve your KDA massively whilst getting the top score on your team for quick level advancement, and it’ll be more fun than camping at the back of the map as a Recon.

Bf4 squad

Play and stay with your squad. Not only do you get more points, but it makes sense, playing as a group is far far more successful than playing solo rambo. Spawn on your squad and follow them, and watch their backs, their survivability is directly tied to yours, so help them out and you are helping yourself out. If you are squad leader, order an objective for attacking and physically tell your squad in chat if you have to.


Battlefield 4 is a very enjoyable game(when it isn’t crashing at launch), but it requires a different play-style to most braindead fps games such as how CoD has evolved into. You have to play the objectives, and you will get enjoyment from doing so. Personally I feel like its more rewarding completing an objective with a group, than completing something on my own. Obviously there are different types of players, but since this is a multi-player online game, it makes sense to play and co-operate with your team mates, just play a single-player game if you don’t enjoy that. Thanks for reading the guide, and as always best of luck with your games.

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