How to stop hiccuping

Hiccuping is something everyone experiences at some point in their lives, and we all know a few different ways of stopping this annoying condition. Hiccups are a nerve reflex from digestive disturbance, and a minority of people suffer from hiccups regularly. Most people however only encounter this reflex a couple of times a year. HM5RZMXYBXCN

Follow the below methods if you are having trouble stopping your hiccups.


The best way in my opinion to stop hiccups is to drink some water just as you feel you’re about to hiccup. If you’re finding this hard, just time the interval of the hiccups and then in the 5 second part before the next hiccup comes, just down an entire glass of water. This removes my hiccups 99% of the time, and pretty much 100% of the time if I do it a 2nd time.

Holding your breath

This is the second best method I feel, and I often try this if I’m hiccuping somewhere that I can’t access a drink. Just hold your nose and close your mouth, as you would going underwater. The hiccuping should subside after a minute of holding your breath.


You can put a teaspoon of sugar at the back of your tongue to overload the mouth’s nerve endings. This overload can often disturb the nerve so it stops the hiccup reflex.

Fingers in Ears

The nerves that cause hiccups also branch into the auditory system, so by gently putting your fingers in your ears, you can stimulate the nerve which might stop your hiccups. Be careful with putting your fingers too far into the ears as they are very delicate internally.

Being Scared

Most people know that a fright can cause hiccups to subside, however it’s impossible to do this to yourself, so you require a friend to pounce a scare at you suddenly.




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