How to stop your gums bleeding

Something that is often worrying and hard to stop is bleeding gums. There’s two types of gum bleeding which are common. Firstly the common bleeding gums, which is gingivitis. This manifests in common bleeding from everyday brushing or eating hard foods. The second type of common bleeding results after having a deep cleanse or other dental work done, where the gum gets damaged and will continually bleed.

With both types of bleeding,  you should always consult your dentist first, but this article gives a few tips on how to stop the bleeding right away if you are especially worried.

For general gingivitis, your best bet is a specialized mouthwash which should help tremendously with bleeding gums in 3-4 weeks, the preferred brand in the UK is Corsodyl, which I’ve found to work very well personally.

For continuous bleeding after a dentist visit or injury,you can try:

bleeding gums

Get a teabag, wet it, and keep it pressed against the bleeding gum. If you don’t have teabags, you can use a wet cotton ball or kitchen towel to stem the bleeding. You need to continuously press it for 5-15minutes. Hopefully this should help seal the wound in the gum, if it doesn’t keep trying with putting pressure on it for longer.

You can also make your own salt-water solution to rinse your mouth with, this will shrink the gum, reducing the chance to bleed and bacteria’s chance at causing problems. 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt in half a glass of water.


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