League of Legends – Getting out of ELO Hell

ELO Hell is controversial topic in League of Legends. Some people claim it doesn’t really exist, and that you just have to improve yourself and play enough games to improve your ELO. Others claim that its a hole that you get stuck in, and it’s basically luck getting out, and bad luck that got you there.

Essentially the idea of ELO Hell is that your matchmaking value and current league are low(bronze/silver) because of your team-mates fault in matches, and that you can’t progress through elo because your team-mates keep feeding or doing stupid things, so that even if you do well in a match, you can’t win the majority of your games.

This guide is to provide information that might help you get out of ELO hell and understand your position more.

Get out of Elo Hell

—-Champion Select

This is where I feel that a lot of the game is  won and lost at. Ideally everyone on your team gets the exact roll they want, and the roll they are good at. This hardly ever happens at low elo though, so you need to plan for it. You need to be proficient at carrying in any roll. You need to not die at any role, know what you are building, and know how aggressive/passive to play vs what your opponents pick.

The most important thing is to cover a position that otherwise would be horribly played, Don’t leave adc to the last pick, who can’t adc well at all, and hates it, he will feed.

So how do you solve this? You communicate, ask everyone what they are best at, and worst at. Don’t just instalock into your favourite roll, help your team composition out by filling in the spot that would otherwise be filled by someone who is horrible at it.

Saying this, everyone usually understands what each role does, in this scenario, you ideally want to be mid or jungle to make the most impact in the game, if you are indeed a good player stuck in ELO Hell.

The other important factor in Champion Select is making sure you have a balanced team. Too many times have a seen a team that loses just because they don’t have a tank/initiate champ. Or where an aoe wombo combo team just smash the other team because they have no-one to crowd control and disrupt the aoe-chain. Understand what your team is missing and fill it. If top takes a squishy assassin, someone needs to take a tanky jungler. Ideally you should have 2 tanky characters on your team anyway, but still, one of the best things about this game is the variety of team-comps and experiences you have.

—– Early Game

The most important thing early game is to not do anything risky. I mean this is an important thing at any time in the game, but if you pull off something risky early on, it has a massive snowball effect. You need to be comfortable in your engagements, in the way that you have an escape and you understand what could go wrong. Have you seen where the enemy jungler is? If not, don’t do anything risky. He could be sitting in a bush, ready to counterattack your aggressive attack, which will leave you with no escape.

If you don’t die and get decent farm, you are well on your way to carrying in mid game, where you need to be in control of you team


—–Mid Game

This is where you need to make calls. Take it that your team are complete idiots that need to be told EVERYTHING. Tell them exactly what to do. You need to plan what your team is going to achieve, and the problems that might arise. You need to notice that someone isn’t grouping, and tell them to group and help.  If you silently play this game, and just try your best at playing your champion, you basically deserve to stay in ELO Hell because this game is ultimately about teamwork and you need to communicate a hell of a lot more at low elo, since most people in low elo have no idea what they are doing in terms of the game’s strategy and taking objectives.

—–End Game

You have to be in control of your team so they don’t throw. In a close game, if your team gets aced, it’s almost usually a definite loss, you have to be the one to understand whether you can win a teamfight, or whether you need to splitpush to win. As for the whole game, keep up wards , don’t let anyone go off on their own, and focus down objectives. Look for mis-positions and punish the enemy team with your superior champion control.

—–Overall Tips

No one in low elo wards enough, literally buy 1 or 2 wards every back unless you are adc, even then, if you have a support that is bad at warding, and won’t listen to you, buy them yourself as adc. Wards win games, period. Vision in this game is of the utmost importance for winning.

Pick from a specific champion pool that you repeatedly play. Pick max 2-3 champions per position that you can play, so you don’t get banned out and have versatility in team composition. Too often i see someone in low elo with a play history of just about every champion there is. There’s no point in this, you want to focus your efforts on a select champion pool to be the best you can at those champions, rather than being average with every champion.

DST ; D**k suck theory, as mentioned by sky{A.K.A. Gregidot’), this theory is basically about you complimenting your team-mates on good plays, by saying “gj”, “nice1” etc. It does tend to work, since team morale is very important in this game. People tend to starting playing better when they feel good, rather than bad.  So even if it doesn’t work in a match, its a behavior that is both being a decent person and something that could help you, so you might as well do it.

Flaming, never flame anyone on your team in game, ever. It’s like setting fire to yourself and complaining about how hot it is. It will only make your team-mates play worse, so don’t do it, if you don’t have something positive or useful to type, don’t type it.


So yeah, there’s tons of things you can say about League of Legends, but I feel these are the most important factors to consider when trying to get out of ELO Hell. Essentially ELO Hell does exist, but there are  some misunderstandings about it. In reality you have to play differently to how you’d play at higher elo. At higher elo you can rely on team-mates to know what to do, you can instead focus on yourself and your own ability. In low elo, you have to carry by controlling your team. Whilst yeah, some pros can boost out of elo hell, very easily, and say its all about individual skills. This is a misrepresentation of the truth, these pros usually play so many matches a day, and have such an experience lead over normal players, that they can carry by themselves much more easily than a normal player. A normal player doesn’t have all day to play LoL and carry out of Elo hell, they might be able to play 3-4 matches a day, vs a pro playing up to 20 matches. Also when a pro plays, they are essentially diamond/challenger level, if you are stuck at bronze, and feel like mechanically you are gold, thats not too big a different in position.

Lastly no matter what league you are in, there will be trolls, flamers, afkers and people that will ruin the game for you. It’s not just confined to Bronze. Whilst it might be true, that it’s more frequent behavior noticed at Bronze, there are more players in Bronze, so its to be expected, and based on experience and not caring about being low elo, it does hold truth that there are more trolls at that level. Still you can’t expect to win 100% of your games, you just have to try your best to carry games and tell everyone what to do, to win.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck climbing out of ELO Hell.

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